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Bath Time for Parrots

Bath Time for Parrots

Bathing Pet Birds

A parrot or bird in the wild will have plenty of chances to get a good bath during the day by being outside where it rains, hoping through puddles, and being near water to play in. Parrots have an obstacle in being in your home. Your home is probably not providing them with the moisture and natural water sources that they would have in the wild.

Your parrot’s skin can become dry. Giving them the proper bath they need is vital to keep their skin from drying out. There are a few different ways that you and your parrot or bird can have fun with. Giving your parrot regular baths can remove loose feathers that are bothering them, remove any dander, and freshen them up so they feel nice and clean. Parrots and birds love baths and it will not be challenging to help them get one.

Soap should never be used to bath your parrot. There are bath sprays, such as Mango African Bath Spray and other products out there, or you can also simply use a misting bottle for them. The sprays don’t count as a real bath alone, just a substitute.

Bathing your parrot must be done with caution to how hard the water is flowing and the temperature should be luke warm, not hot or cold. The room should not have a draft, shut the air conditioning vent and provide a warm environment if you can. Parrots and birds should always be watched closely while they are bathing. Never force your parrot to bath. Just offer the bath to them and they will more than likely accept the invitation.

The best time of day to bath your parrot or bird is in the early hours so when they are ready for bed, they are all dry and don’t get a chill. Large parrots are ok to gently wrap in a towel and pat down in the direction of their feathers slowly and gently. 

Do not ever use any tool to dry them, such as a hair dryer. Your parrot has oils that will burn them if they are heated up with a hair dryer.

There are several ways to bath your bird. You can offer them a bowl bath to splash around in. There are cage mounted bird baths. Shower suction cup perches for parrots are easy to use and keep the moisture out of their habitat that can cause bacteria and fungus issues. The shower should not be a strong flow and should have warm, not hot, water coming down lightly. The parrots and birds will do all the work for you.

Bathing your parrot is a simple process to do a few times a week or everyday if they really like it. It is up to you and your feathered friend to decide which kind of bath they like the best.

Things to remember about bathing parrots:

  • Use warm, not hot or cold water.
  • Only use a couple inches of water for bowl baths.
  • Don’t spray your parrot in the face ever.
  • Keep them out of cold drafts.
  • Don’t make your bird take a bath. They will do it naturally. Just offer the bath to them.
  • Do not ever use anything to dry them, besides the larger birds can be wrapped in a towel lightly.   
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