FiberCore Eco-Forage Pak Bird Toy

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Foraging Toy Eco-Foraging Pak Bird Toy

Foraging Toy For All Size Birds

FiberCore's Forage Boxes are designed to engage your bird and create a foraging experience. Forage Boxes are preloaded with Eco-Nest, a safe bird friendly nesting / foraging material. Studies show birds prefer to forage for their food.

Helps reduce undesirable behaviors. Fun for you and your bird. Perfect for daily use.

Just add your favorite food,treats or toys the FiberCore Forage Box and let your bird find his own meal. Your bird will benefit from searching and foraging for his food. Veterinarian Approved.

Includes: 6 Safe-Chew Paks, 3 Small, 2 Medium, 1 Large