Heated Parrot Perch Medium

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Heated Parrot Perch For Medium Birds by K&H

This heated parrot perch is made of scratch and bite resistant plastic and includes a cord that is protected with steel wire and is positioned away from the cage. Perch is molded to reduce foot cramping.
Air conditioning can make your bird cold this perch provides a gentle warm source of heat for caged birds through the bird's feet.

Perch Sizes:
Small 1/2" to 1" diameter x 101/2" long Good for small birds like Finches, Cockatiels, Parakeets, and Canaries.
Medium 5/8" to 11/4" diameter x 13" long Good for medium birds like Amazons, African Greys, and Pionus Parrot.
Large 11/4" to 2" diameter x 141/2" long Good for large birds like Macaws, large Cockatoos,and Toucan.