Polly Wanna Pinata Duck Mini

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Shreddable Toy Pinata Duck Mini by Fetch It Pets

Polly Wanna Pinata Shreddable Toy gives birds hours of fun chewing. Provides great exercise and lots of playtime with a reward of a surprise treat!

Why you need Fetch It Pets Shreddable Bird Toys? Bird's love to chew and is an essential part of a birds good health.

By providing a healthy natural parrot toy filled with nutritious treats you allow your bird to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the natural instinct to chew.

You fill your own Polly Wanna Pinatas with your own bird toy or treat filling with an easy-fill trap door brings out the natural foraging instinct in birds and keeps them busy with fun playtime!

Made out of all natural non-toxic 100% bird friendly materials.

Sizes: Large: 8" H, Mini: 4" H