Poop-Off With Brush

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Poop Off Bird Cage Cleaner - 16 oz Brush Top

Use Confidently On: Bird Cages - Parrot Play Stands - Bird Trees - Bird Toys - Carpet - Walls - Floors - Car Upholstery - Clothing - Furniture - Perches

The natural enzymes in Poop Off work effectively to dissolve and remove bird droppings from a wide variety of surfaces.

The special plastic brush that comes with the 16 ounce bottle, has a control head that limits the amount of liquid dispensed and breaks down bird droppings as it cleans. The spray bottle is very effective on cage bars and walls.

Poop Off is:

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Instantly begins to dissolve bird dropping
  • Can be used when your birds are still inside their cages
  • Perfectly safe for humans, no gloves are required.

16oz comes with brush

32 oz is spray bottle

Gal is a refill