Blessings Lory Nectar

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Lory Food - Nectar For Lories

Blessing's Lory Nectar

Human Grade Food For Lories

Blessing nectar for lories provides a balanced diet and nutritional from all human grade ingredients. It's blended to maintain the best health for all lories. It is low in iron.

When trying to convert your lories to Blessing's Lory Nectar start out mixing half of the original food to familiarize your bird to the new diet. Do not just feed the new powder. Lories are the most sensitive birds to taste due to their brush tongues.

Our lory nectar is very different tasting and does NOT taste like blueberry candy!! We have the same amount of dextrose and blueberry, as the product you were using, however we have other nutritious ingredients that will change the taste.

Blessing's Lory Nectar can be used for all babies, adults, reproducing, & non-reproducing lories, lorikeets, hanging parrots, fig parrots, all soft bills.

It can also be added to birdie bread to make recipes more nutritious.

Directions Mix 4 Tablespoons per cup, or for breeders 4 cups per gallon of water. Be sure to serve in a bowl next to a bowl of fresh water. Please make sure to change nectar after a few hours.

Ingredients Brown Rice Flour,Corn flour, Red Whole-Wheat Flour, Dextrose, Fructose, Soy Protein Isolate, Bee Pollen, Spirulina, Calcium, Apple, Xanthan Gum ,Carrot, Spearmint, Bell Pepper, Alfalfa, Coconut, Blueberry, Flower Petals, Eucalyptus, Nutritional Yeast, Milk Thistle, Wheat Grass, Clay, Rosemary,. Proprietary Blend of Necessary Vitamins, Trace Minerals and Essential Amino Acids for Color and maximum reproduction.

Crude Protein ... 10.99%
Crude Fat ... 2.19%
Moisture ... 6.24%
Ash ... 1.08%
Calories 214
Carbs ... 32.47%
Vitamin A ... 1694 iu/100g
Iron ... 41 ppm
*Analysis provided by Midwest Laboratories