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Tabletop Playstand TT-70

King Cage

Parrot Play Stand Table Top by Kings Cage Parrot Stand For Pet Birds For Medium To Large Birds Stainless steel removable tray 22” diameter 16” tall2 Stainless Steel 16 oz. cups...
Ivermectin (Lverlux) is a treatment for Air Sac Mite and Scaly Face (and leg) Mite infections.

Labored breathing, tail bobbing
Clicking noise while breathing
Unable to sing
Nasal discharge

Ivermectin For Birds Iverlux

Morning Bird

$34.99 - $49.00
Ivermectin For Pet Birds - Air Sac Mite Treatment Morning Bird Iverlux Ivermectin 2 Oz - Scaly Face Mite Treatment Iverlux is a treatment for Air Sac Mite and Scaly Face (and leg) Mite...
Higgins inTune® Complete and Balanced Diet is the extruded nutrition that brings science and nature in tune with your pet bird’s well being.

InTune Parakeet Food


Higgins inTune Natural Diet Parakeet 2 Lb Higgins inTune® Complete and Balanced Diet is the extruded nutrition that brings science and nature in tune with your pet bird’s well being...
Higgins inTune® Complete and Balanced Diet is the extruded nutrition that brings science and nature in tune with your pet bird’s well being.

InTune Canary Finch Food


Higgins inTune Natural Diet Canary & Finch 2 Lb Higgins inTune® Complete and Balanced Diet is the extruded nutrition that brings science and nature in tune with your pet bird’s well...
Playpen can be set up in many different ways because of interchangeable parts

Play Stand Acrylic Playpen

King Cage

Playstand For Birds - Tabletop play stand Great for Conures, Lovebirds, Cockatiels and ParakeetsPlaypen can be set up in many different ways because of interchangeable partsIt can be made taller or...
Oven Fresh Mixed Berry Parrot Treat

Oven Fresh Mixed Berry Parrot Treat

Oven Fresh Bites

Parrot Treat Mixed Berry by Oven Fresh 4 Oz Parrot Treat for medium to large birds. Parrot Cookies from Oven Fresh Bites are a delicious treat that your bird will love! They’re baked in three...
Metal Parrot Playstand B-72T

Metal Parrot Playstand B-72T

King Cage

Metal Parrot Playstand By Kings 28 Inch Has Toy Hook Great for medium & large birds Cockatiels to MacawsComes with metal toy hook to keep your bird busy, just add toyThe 28” Diameter...
Parrot Playstand B-72

Parrot Playstand B-72

King Cage

Parrot Playstand For Medium to Large Birds Great for medium & large birdsThe 28” diameter stainless steel dish will help contain the mess2 stainless steel cups which simply screw on and...
Zupreem Real Rewards™ Tropical Mix Medium 6 Oz ZuPreem Real Rewards

ZuPreem Real Rewards


Parrot Treats For Small To Medium Birds Real Rewards Tropical Mix Treats Treats for Medium Birds offers a delicious mix of peanuts, pineapple, mango and coconut to provide reward occasions...

Featured Products

Fun-Max Spiddy Medium Bird Toy

Fun-Max Spiddy Bird Toy


Spiddy Medium Parrot Toy For crazy leather lovers With many small vegetable leather strips Wood & Acrylic parts Acrylic piece in middle. Use acrylic for rebuild your toys! Nontoxic dye Quick...
Safe & Natural Homeopathic Formula Completely herbal liquid. Add to drinking water.  For relief of a wide range of feather plucking induced problems including: anxiety, fear, nervous,separation anxieties, not eating or neurotic behaviors. Recommended by Avian Vets

King's Pluck No More

King Cage

MSRP: $37.00
Pluck No More by Kings 6 Oz Pluck No More Helps Stop Feather Plucking. Stop Feather Plucking in Pet Birds  Safe & Natural Homeopathic Formula Completely herbal liquid. Add...
Use Kings Shhh! for relief of excess squawking, screaming and hyper excitability. Also helps curb your bird’s tendencies to strike out and bite. Add one capful of Shhh! to 8oz. of bottled water each day and watch your bird’s screaming start to calm down.  Do not use in chlorinated water. Change daily. You should start to see results within 5 days. Birds will usually react better with their owners, and play more with their owner and toys.

King's Shhh!

King Cage

MSRP: $37.00
King's Shhh! 6oz - For Stressed Birds Do You Have A Nasty, Screaming, Upset Bird?  Use Shhh! For relief of excess squawking, screaming, and hyper excitability. Also helps to curb your...
A quieter, calmer bird. Plus, an easier temperament and a more sociable bird with owner and other birds. Your bird will also be more talkative and playful with its toys. Aggressive behavior will be relieved. Breeders have informed us that after 40 days of use some of their breeding pairs were sitting on fertile eggs. Some of these pairs had not bred for over 3 years.

King's No Stress 6oz

King Cage

MSRP: $37.00
Kings No Stress Need Help Breeding Your Birds? Use No Stress! Worried About Moving Your Bird From One Location to Another? Use No Stress! WHAT CAN I EXPECT? A quieter, calmer bird...
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Abacus Large Parrot Toy by Happy Beaks

Abacus Large Parrot Toy

Happy Beaks

MSRP: $47.99
Now: $44.95
Was: $57.90
  Abacus Large Parrot Toy by Happy Beaks Extra large parrot toy that all parrots would love. Great for Macaws, Cockatoos, and large parrots. Top is 14" x 2" Java Wood 6 x 14" Long Rows...
TOP’s Parrot Pellets™ are USDA Organic Certified and perfect for parrots of all sizes, from macaws to budgies.

Tops Mini Pellets

Tops Parrot Food

TOP's Parrot Food Organic Mini Pellets Top's Pellets For Small Birds - Organic Parrot Food TOP’s Parrot Pellets™ are USDA Organic Certified and perfect for parrots of all sizes, from...
Top's Organic Parrot Food Pellets

Top's Organic Parrot Food Pellet

Tops Parrot Food

$22.95 - $126.95
Top's Organic Parrot Food - Totally Organics Top's Organic Pellets are great for Eclectus.  How do you say perfect? No GMO, artificial colors, flavors, vitamins, sucrose/sugar,...
Harrison's Bird Bread Original -  Organic Parrot Food and NON GMO Exotic Pet Bird Food. Harrison's Bird Bread Original is certified organic and contains only NON-GMO ingredients. It is very important to understand that birds and pet parrots are extremely sensitive to chemicals used in most contemporary farming. All Harrison's Bird Bread Original are certified organic by International Certification Services (ICS) and meet the requirements set forth by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). Harrison's Bird Bread Original Foods contain: NO chemical insecticides, herbicides or fungicides, NO preservatives and NO double-dosed vitamins. HBD screens all of its products for pathogenic bacteria, molds (mycotoxins) and various natural enzymes (e.g.,trypsin) to assure safety for consumption by pet birds and parrots and other animals. Harrison's Bird Bread Original has PREMIUM INGREDIENTS RIGHT FROM THE START Besides being certified organic and non-GMO verified, our ingredients are premium, whole grains and legumes, not cheap fine-milled/bleached flours or cereal byproducts. Harrison's Bird Bread Original does not incorporate wheat into their parrot and pet bird food formulas.A healthy exotic pet bird or parrot with Harrison's Bird Bread Original The signs of a healthy pet bird and parrot  are primarily the result of a healthy diet. The ideal pet bird is beautiful and brightly colored, with sleek-looking feathers. A healthy parrot likes to sing, play, talk and very often be active and affectionate with family members. Harrison's High Potency Fine Parrot Food's goal is to help you make your parrot a healthy happy bird”.

Harrison's Bird Bread Mix Original


Harrison's Birdie Bread Mix Original Organic Birdie Bread Don't add Egg Shell, Egg shell can be deadly to parrots. Simplify weaning or add a little healthy variety to your grown bird's diet with...

Customer Reviews

Woven Shredders

My parrot loves to shred and uses these daily. I cut a strip and weave it into the bars of her cage so she can access them at her leisure. One of her favorite toys.

- Claudia Bell

Amazon Parrot Purchases

Our parrot amuses himself quite a bit with this toy and hasn’t totally broken through it yet. It is a winner.

- John Hulbert

Perfect for cockatoo's!!!

This IS a cockatoo toy. He will love it!!!!

- Jean

Great product!

They look great in the package, can't wait to see they in the water...Fish on!!!!

- kevin

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This pet bird shop carries all of the top brands of organic parrot food and healthy parrot food, along with the best treats, parrot perches, and parrot toys all in one location for easy access access to the world’s best parrot nutrition providers.

We offer a a large selection of safe parrot toys from small bird toys to large parrot toys fun for all type of birds. We also offer toys so you can enjoy making your own bird toys.

All Parrot Products Parrot Shop offers the largest selection of parrot vitamins & parrot supplements from The Birdcare Company, Morning Bird, Vetafarm and Nekton

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All Parrot Products Parrot Shop carries Goldenfeast, a parrot food and pet bird food which is a great favorite of mine offering a seed based diet with greens, grains, fruit, and vegetables. With no dyes, or added vitamins.

  • We also carry the leading brands of parrot seed from Versele Laga Prestige, Hagen, Higgins, Kaytee, Abba, and Volkman Seed.
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