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Poop Off Bird Cage Cleaner One Gal Refill

Poop Off instantly dissolves bird poop and their related stains.

Cleans Bird Cages - Parrot Play Stands - Bird Trees - Bird Toys - Carpet - Walls - Floors - Car Upholstery - Clothing - Furniture - Perches

The natural enzymes in Poop Off work effectively to dissolve and remove bird droppings from a wide variety of surfaces.

Keep a container of Poop Off Wipes in every room for quick cleaning.

Poop Off is:

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Instantly dissolves bird dropping
  • Can be used when your birds are still inside their cages
  • Perfectly safe for humans, no gloves are required

Ingredients:Water, active enzymes, Surfactant, safe and Pleasent Fragrance -