Portable Baby Bird Water Brooder

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Portable Baby Bird Water Brooder

Baby Bird Water Brooder is simple to use and can go anywhere. Features Portable: Take this brooder anywhere.

Includes 2 Hagen Faunariums in one of 2 sizes: Large: 14" L x 8.5" D x 10" H (pictured) Medium: 11.5" L x 7.5" D x 8" H 50W Mini Submersible Heater. Temperature settings up to 90 degrees. Exo Terra LED Digital Thermometer with remote Probe - measure air temperature within the brooder. Exo Terra Liquid Crystal Thermometer - measures water temperature. Setup

1. Attach Stick-on Thermometer to bottom of one short side of a Faunarium and install heater inside. Bring Power Cord out one inside corner.

2. Add about 2 Inches of warm water (80 to 90 degrees F).

3. Place second Faunarium within the first with the power cord coming out one corner. Be sure water level is just coming up around the edges of the top Faunarium.

4. Plug in and adjust water temperature as needed typically in the 85-94 degree range.

5. Attach digital thermometer using supplied velcro and feed temperature probe through the cover to desired height out of birds reach.

6. Temperature within the top of the brooder can be controlled by covering top of brooder but never totally cover so air may move.

7. Add bedding of your choice. 8. Monitor your birds closely whenever you add new birds. If the temperature is too high birds will be gasping for cooler air.