Bird Pain Relief Herbal

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Morning Bird Pain Relief Herbal Supplement 1 Oz.

Pain Relief For Pet Birds

Herbal Supplement For Pain In Pet Birds

PAIN RELIEF is an organic arthritis pain formula for birds. It contains beneficial herbs that can relieve arthritic discomfort as well as control swelling and reduce toxins which cause pain.

PAIN RELIEF is ideal for elderly or injured birds.


Administer twice daily by ONE of the following methods:

  • 8 drops in 8 fl.oz (237ml) of drinking water.
  • 8 drops on 8 oz (227g) of soft food.
  • 1 drop by mouth for small birds (Finch, Budgie, Cockatiel, Conure)
  • 2 drops by mouth for medium-sized birds (Grey, Amazon)
  • 3 drops by mouth for large birds (Macaw, Cockatoo)

Similar to Avitech Arthritis Formula.


  • Organic Alfalfa Leaf Powder
  • Organic Stinging Nettle Leaf Powder
  • Organic Corn Silk Powder
  • Organic Devil's Claw Root Powder
  • Organic Shavegrass Stem (Horsetail) Powder
  • Organic Fenugreek Seed Powder
  • Organic Yucca Root Powder
  • Organic Powdered Black Walnut Hulls


  • Organic Vegetable Glycerin
  • Distilled Water


Not For Human Consumption. Keep out of the reach of children.