Birdie Bagel 7 Inch Bird Toy

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7 Inch Birdy Bagels Bird Toy

Bagels are hung on a chain with a pear link to allow placing the Bagels where your bird can enjoy them in his cage and keep them off the bottom of the cage. Easy to refill too! Petscape's fruit flavored 7 Inch Birdie Bagels provide Smaller Parrots with the psychological enrichment often missing from the life of a captive parrot. Great for feather pluckers and destructive birds. Satisfies the need for chewing, shredding, and peeling. Inexpensive (great value). Non-toxic. Birdie Bagel has a 7" diameter, 1/2" thick and 1/2" wide. Use as a foot toy or hang within the cage. 7 Inch Bagel Refill comes with 12 pieces.