Mango African Grey Bath Spray

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Mango African Grey Bath Spray 8 Oz

It’s no wonder that our daily use sprays are preferred by African Grey, Parrots & Cockatoos everywhere! We don’t add additional skin clogging oil derivatives like other sprays they call preening oils. Birds have enough preening oil of their own.

Our formulas are a light blend of naturally occurring essential fatty acids found in botanicals. This natural A, D, and E is then blended with aloe vera, sweet anise and other naturals. All meant to compliment your birds bathing needs.

The final product is a soothing moisturizing conditioner that soothes skin, washes away dead skin cells, and reduces the itches. Each is blended bird specific with aroma and product buoyancy considered.

This formula adds to your pets well-being while encouraging your bird’s natural preening without clogging skin cells. The superior “aahh, I feel good” sprays.