Nekton-E Parrot Supplement

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Nekton E Parrot Supplement

Nekton E vitamin E supplement increases fertility.

Vitamin E plays a vital role in maintaining bodily functions and in the fertility of most animal species. It promotes a bird's entire metabolism - protein, carbohydrate, fatty, mineral and water metabolic processes. Vitamin E occurs in multiple forms - tocopherols. The tocopherols act as antioxidants, protect other vitamins and are essential to cellular respiration, particularly in the heart and skeletal muscle tissues. Of all the vitamin E forms in the plant kingdom alpha-tocopherol is the most biologically active, an important factor in animal nutrition. NEKTON-E containing the vital vitamin E as alpha tocopherol acetate Protects against defects in bone structure. Helps produce better laying results. Guards against degeneration of heart and skeletal muscles. Protects against kidney and liver trouble. Best aid to preparing your pet for pressures of breeding season.

Enclosed spoon holds 1g = 1/4 Teaspoon. Mix 1 g to 8 Oz water.