Parrot Perch Manzanita Replacement Perch 17

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Parrot Perch Sand Blasted Manzanita 17"

Wooden Perch - Large Bird Perch

These parrot perches have been custom made to fit many of the popular cages available today from A&E, HQ, Kings and YML.

Mazanita provides a very hard material that withstands chewing of many birds. The Sand Blasted finish is rougher and easier to grip than the natural finish. The manufacturer also uses water during the sand blasting process making each piece unique.

To order measure your cage for the inside to inside length. Select the length and diameter. Please mention the type of bird and we can assist in choosing the correct diameter.

Each perch comes with 4 washers and 2 wing nuts to mount on your cage By letting us know the type of bird we can size the perch appropriately for you.