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Top's Small Pellet Parrot Food

Tops' Pellets - Top's Parrot Food

Top's is no longer making Crumplets they have been replaced with a small pellet.

Is a GREAT parrot food with No GMO, simulated hues, flavors, vitamins, sucrose/sugar, counterfeit additives like BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin

Crumplets are 100% natural and made utilizing a cool squeezed procedure to keep the characteristic nutrition intact. So birds can get their of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and different supplements for a healthy full life. Top's Pellets are actually preserved with Rosemary, and Rose Hips

Offer as much as your winged animal will devour in a day. Toss the rest of the pellets every time. Top's parrot food pellets give an incredible wellspring of protein, vitamins and minerals.

It's very important to supply a variety vegetables, fruits and other natural products, nuts, and a few seeds for a differed eating regimen.

Top's Parrot Food Pellet Ingredients: Certified Organic Rice, hulled millet, barley, alfalfa leaf, sunflower seed hulled, sesame seeds unhulled, quinoa whole, buckwheat hulled, dandelion leaf powder, carrot powder, spinach leaf powder, purple dulse, kelp, rose hips powder, rose hips crushed, orange peel powder, lemon peel powder, rosemary whole leaf, cayenne ground, crushed red chili peppers, nettle leaf.

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein min 13%, Crude Fiber min 12%, Fat min 7%.